Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Joyce Schooler Reedy!

Joyce Schooler Reedy
Middlesboro, Kentucky, c. 1985

 Happy, Happy Birthday to my sweet, beautiful cousin, Joyce Schooler Reedy.  Joyce is the daughter of Gladys Lane and Jim Schooler, the granddaughter of Martha Pierce and William Lane, the mother of Terry Keith Reedy, Pam Reedy, and Rolf Reedy, as well as a devoted wife and grandmother.  Joyce, I love you and hope you have a wonderful day!

Joyce Schooler Reedy

Joyce Schooler Reedy

Gladys Lane Schooler (left), Anne Schooler Derksen, Joyce Schooler Reedy
Joyce Schooler Reedy and Kermit Bronell Reedy

(left to right) Terry Keith Reedy, Joyce Schooler Reedy, Rolf Reedy, Pam Reedy, Kermit Bronell Reedy

Pamela Bronella Reedy and Joyce Schooler Reedy
Hannah Lane Keathley, Joyce Schooler Reedy, Austin Reedy Keathley

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